Knocked right out of your COMFORT ZONE

little trinkets pretty things fun filled places I’ve yet to see,
places I could only imagine and dream to be,

while sitting in my little corner gazing out the window,
stuck within the limits of my mind a subconscious state of limbo,

only pondering thoughts of what could be and all that could exist,
adding to the range of things on my developed list,

of all the experiences I wish to feel how they exuberate my mind,
landmarks, activities, journeys abroad all at one time,

I make so many excuses about why I’m too busy and how money is never enough,
forgetting that God has always made a way every time things got tough,

knowing he wants more for me then this space I regularly consume,
knowing more experiences can lead this girl to bloom,

into the woman I was always meant to be,
to the woman that I anxiously wait to see.

-TaHara’ Jackson

My advice for today is to venture out of your comfort zone. Especially if you are a home body like me. Try new things, go new places, and begin to make sure your needs are met as well because even as a parent or anyone focused on things outside of self it can become difficult to take care of everyone and everything else if you forget to take care of yourself as well.

Now don’t worry it’s okay to start small and definitely consider your current availability and responsibilities because life doesn’t have an “ON” and “OFF” button. Just remind yourself not to use the current lack of availability as an excuse for a lack of consideration for self care. So I would suggest switching your schedule up a bit where possible to make some time for you. I started off by writing again, a hobby and craft that was helpful to me in the past. Next, I tried a new restaurant recently and with it, new food. Then this past weekend I found myself relaxing at a spa for a massage and foot scrub. What’s next for me? What’s first for you?
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and then came, YOU

Hopeless dreams held hopeless nights, no difference between the two. No more dreams of happiness amidst this since scratched tune. I find myself in the weary hallways of my mind. Tip-toeing around the thought of life leaving me behind. The discouraged acts of my movements seen by all surrounding me in every realm. Effortlessly becoming zombie-like an inadequate functioning of self. This utter disregard for the purpose behind my creation. This limited wonder into my next destination. Depression held inside out is what led me here, what led me to you. Coddled up amongst the loss of what to do. You which were always there midst my imperfection. You which were always here behind the luminosity. That which I was blinded to until you awoke within me the magnificent being which is your soul. That gave me the strength to stand up against all that stood in my way, all the obstacles I seemed to face. It was you that provided purpose that reminded me that imperfection did not mean I was misplaced. It was you that allowed everything to fall into place with a destiny presented in disbelief to all who caught a glimpse of what was in store for me. Now that I’ve found you, I’ve finally found me. Eternally connect Internal, External me…

-TaHara’ Jackson

The journey to self discovery can be difficult but I believe that it all falls in the hands of acceptance. So accept who you are to gain who you have the ability to become.

In the company of a MOTHER

When in the company of a mother the world instantly changes.

It reflects the essence of many emotional ranges.

The ability to pour utter joy into another being.

The ability to enter the mouth of chaos without fear of fleeing.

The ability to restore pain through comfort.

The ability to build resilience in another.

When in the company of a mother one finds methods of living not yet explored.

The ability to no longer be concerned with saving face in the midst of request implored.

All for the sake of your child.

All for the sake of seeing that they smiled.

All for the sake of keeping all harm from making them company.

All for the sake of reminding them that you will always accompany.

Them through every storm and every tear shed.

Through every laugh that leads to ideal success.

Through all that makes life worth living.

When in the company of a mother there is an explosion of:







Discipline through Care


Everlasting sense of Purity

When in the company of ME I hope that a mother is what you see…


-TaHara’ Jackson



Goal Oriented

I believe that one of the key aspects of life is finding a way to avoid being in a state of stagnation (to cease development or become inactive). I believe this is extremely different then being content. When one becomes stagnant I believe it can be dreary and lead to undesirable moods. You may find yourself feeling down or hopeless. You may find that you lack energy and desire to make the changes necessary to move forward. This is not a place I want to be. So the question is how can this state of being be avoided. There are some simple things to consider:



1. Set Goals

This is important because it keeps you consciously aware of what you are working for. It becomes a source of motivation and gives you a sense of direction to your STEPS. This also allows you to step with a sense of purpose. If you are walking with no sense of direction you don’t know where you will end up. This would decrease the amount of enthusiasm found in making an effort to keep moving forward. So to avoid this just take a moment. Think of likes and dislikes. Things you always wanted to accomplish but felt you never had the time to. Determine what makes you happy. Then use the answers to these as a guide for your GOAL SETTING. A good start is creating at least 3 goals that fall into various areas of your life. For example, goal one may pertain to education or work, goal two may pertain family, and goal three may pertain to healthy living. These are just examples but looking into different areas of your life that may need improvement can help create BALANCE

2. What’s your plan?

After you have determined a few goals you would like to accomplish big or small it is important to figure out how you will accomplish them. You can decide a time frame for completing your goal. It would also be helpful to consider what time you have during your day, your week, or your month to engage in the completion of your goal. Lastly, it is important to right it down or save a note to your phone or computer. This will be great when you feel yourself becoming inactive because you can refer back to your goals and the timeline you have created as a motivational tool.

3. Reminders are Important!

After completing these two tasks it will be crucial to give yourself frequent reminders. If there are certain days of the week that you have set aside for completing your goals then use your planner or your smart phone to create reminders and set alarms so that you can stay on top of it. 

*FYI there are a wide variety of apps for notes and planners available…


Note to Self…


Dear Me,

I hope this finds you well. One day your CONFIDENCE will soar. You will find joy that wasn’t there before. You will truly understand your worth. You will see your essence on this earth. Your eyes will be opened and you will see truth. You will feel your beauty grow from your roots. You will find strength to overcome despite being scared. You will realize your self made fears.

No longer will you hold yourself back. No longer will you doubt all the facts. No longer will you cry in uncertainty. No longer will you move unless its to your own beat. No longer will you hide in the depths of your soul. No longer will the world keep what it stole. No longer will you hide. No longer will you abide. No longer will you cease to move forward. You will stop looking backward and make your way to who you are meant to be. Good luck future me!

These are the hopeful thoughts that passed through my mind as I started on the road to self discovery. These thoughts were crucial in ensuring that I did not remain stagnant in the unpredictable, unexpected, obstacles that life through my way. While I continued on my path I had to frequently remind myself of many of these hopeful thoughts of what it would take to become the woman I was truly meant to be and as I walked and as I thought, I discovered that I am CONSTANT in my existence and I am FREE in my ability to determine the next step that I want to take.

So take a moment and determine if you have taken CONTROL of your LIFE and if so are you ready to take your next BIG STEP?



Photographer: Ron Brewer

Perfectly Imperfect Me…

TaHara Jackson Photogrpaher: Ron Brewer Images

(Photographer: Ron Brewer)

Hello Loves,

I would like to first thank you for taking the time to join me for my second go at this. I am so happy to have gained the confidence to share what makes up my beautifully imperfect, continually learning and developing journey of self and as a mother. GROWING up as the oldest girl and the second oldest of 8 it was important for me to develop a strong sense of responsibility. Though this was not always easy. At times it was a struggle feeling like all eyes were on me to succeed. I placed more emphasis on over achieving and PERFECTION on myself then others placed on me. And in a world where perfection is impossible my thoughts of perfection often times led to failure. I would get down on my self and think of all the possible ways things could have turned out differently. This need to break away from my thoughts of perfection led to somewhat of a rebellious and explorative phase in my life. While I still ensured to stay on track to graduate high school and begin my college studies I still had a long way to SELF DISCOVERY.

This journey took me through a much needed RECONNECTION with my God, several relationships, 3 pregnancies which blessed me with 3 beautiful children, a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Masters degree in the field of Infant Mental health, pursuing my doctorate degree, professional positions in child development, education, therapy, and case management, engaging in things that make me happy like modeling and writing, and that’s not the half of it!

I have been at my lowest points and been blessed to rise back up. I have been through struggles that led to a better appreciation of what I have. I have been through battles that I gained the strength to overcome or simply walk away from. And because of these things, much support from my loved ones, and my motivation to be the best that I can be for my children I have developed a sense of RESILIENCE that was not previously there. But it is important to note that I no longer seek perfection instead I expect and create room for PROGRESS and POSITIVE exploration of my daily living. And for this to be possible I had to learn that its okay to make a mistake as long as I am able to learn from it. It is okay to fail if it leads to discovery and motivates me to work harder. It is okay to cry (I am human!) as long as I have the ability to put myself back together and remember the resources and tools available to me to do so. These resources include prayer, writing, getting advice and venting to loved ones, and reminding myself what I am working for and towards.

I have shared all of this in the hope of reaching someone and helping to ease their mind, enhance their journey, and assist in the development of a balanced life. So look out for my all of my post as WE move forward in this journey TOGETHER through advice, scripture, poetry, parenting, personal and professional development, and my life…

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.              -Philippians 4:13