Often I’ve felt hidden in the depths of my unlikely thoughtful mind. exploring reality and a world of what I’d wish things to be. Hidden behind my assumptions of what the world perceives me to be, opposed to that which I know I am. this magnificent, beautiful, intelligent creature. things that even the strongest and most distorted thoughts could not provoke me to be anything less. And as I begin to not just think this but feel this, the concept of inner peace gently settles on my spirit and the strength needed to breaks down the walls of low self esteem and molding the clay of self confidence within. This clay so smooth and uniquely defined to ensure that all elements within are remarkably recognized for the exact significance that they hold and with each stroke of my clay the more bold and courageous I begin to feel. And with this I am no longer hidden but instead I see every part of me and with it I see strength, I see love, I see power, I see beauty…IMG_20181127_073523688~2.jpg

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