See me…

I see where I’ve come from and all I seek to gain.
But the journey to get there is driving me insane.
It’s like I’m being tugged this way and that.
Like I’m forcibly being pushed into combat.
With this thing called life that doesn’t seek to give me any passes.
With this thing called life that I can’t even read with my glasses.
On but now broken from how many times I’ve fallen.
I can’t see my way it’s blurry but I’m still calling.
Calling for help with my arm reach out.
Calling for peace but all I’m feeling is doubt.
Doubting myself, accepting my struggle,
doubting my beliefs, all too much to juggle.
God give me a sign, send me relief,
Good give a sign, please grant me peace.
I can’t do this! I’m not strong enough.
I’m not equipped with the tools, it feels just to tough.
Then slightly and ever so softly I feel a light touch
And a whisper in my ear “If only you saw you how I see you, you’d know your enough”
And in that moment I felt peace like never before.
All the pressure was off and I was ready to soar.

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