Sunshine filled rainy days
Wishful thoughts in the midst of distress
Plain as day the fact that control is out of my hands
Yet my mind grasp on to the delusion that control is mine
An inability to leave it behind
For Bright horizons masked in winds of misconception
Increase the length and distance to this walk on a path of struggle
A solution in arms reach, just let go
A result of my obsession with perfection
Not realizing that to gain the desired outcome all I have to do it let go
All I have to do is accept what was, what is, and what is to come
As my stress and worry, anxiety related to such are in actuality leading to my unexpected failure
I refuse to fail, I refuse to lose, I refuse to fall
Or is my refusal the exact source of all the negativity that encompasses my life
In that, through failure and loss I grow stronger
A sudden recognition that this is my reality
I am stronger, I am smarter, I am more confident
All of which come with acceptance and self love
So on this day, my rainy days mark a sign of my bright horizons
My reallocation of thinking and reflection of self…
Are you ready for yours?

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