Fashion me inexpensive!!!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love distressed or ripped jeans and boyfriend jeans. Being that these type of jeans were currently in style and considered  a, go too in the fashion world I ended up spending more money then I would have liked for these type of jeans. Then, ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH! I decided to go back to some of my old little bargain secrets (FYI, I only buy things on sale or clearance).

One of my old secrets was shopping at second hand stores in specific areas of town where the quality of items were normally really good. It is important to note that you have to allot a decent amount of time to your visits to second hand stores. Setting aside a few hours is very beneficial because it allows you time to really search for the treasures within. Also you must understand that your first few visits may be unsuccessful because you may naturally psych yourself out. After a few tries I began to find some really nice items. I got better at patiently going through items available over time which often left my sisters upset when they would go with me because they didn’t understand how I found such good stuff and they couldn’t. It is crazy to say but it is actually a craft.

So now I will visit second hand stores such at the GOODWILL especially to find jeans. Something else that helped me to obtain the look that I really wanted was to learn how to distress jeans myself. You can learn this trade by simply visiting YOUTUBE and typing in “How to distress jeans”.

Have fun, shop smart, and be creative!




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