To Be…

TO BE or not to be that is the question…
am I to be great or am I to be insignificant and wallow below those which feel like I have no right to exist? the decision is mine just as a decision is yours. regardless to how much they tug and scratch they yell and scream I still have a choice. will it be harder to get to my desired destination? yes, without doubt but the strength that is needed to do so I already hold within. so I’ll fight, so I’ll rise, so I’ll live, even when they want to see me fall. I’ll stand, I’ll strive, I’ll overcome every obstacle set in front of me internal and externally. I’ll become that which you said that I couldn’t. I’ll become all that you said that I wouldn’t and not just for the satisfaction of proving you wrong… but for the satisfaction of proving me right. you can’t hold me down in the dark because I’ll rise into the light. I’ll stand STRONG me and mine I’ll thrive in time with persistence, consistency, resilience, and integrity. so to BE is what I’ve decided and to BE I’ve invited not only for me but also for you trust in yourself is all you have to do.

I feel like our society has normalized failure with an excuse being placed on the masses that we are not only being held back but we are being held down. These proposed shackles do in fact exist to some extents but our power is not completely limited whether it be related to circumstances of life, race, gender, etc. If we WILL it we have the power and capability to do it with appropriate steps taken. So don’t limit yourself to what society or even those around you say you can and can’t do. Take charge of your life and make it what you would like it to be.

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