Knocked right out of your COMFORT ZONE

little trinkets pretty things fun filled places I’ve yet to see,
places I could only imagine and dream to be,

while sitting in my little corner gazing out the window,
stuck within the limits of my mind a subconscious state of limbo,

only pondering thoughts of what could be and all that could exist,
adding to the range of things on my developed list,

of all the experiences I wish to feel how they exuberate my mind,
landmarks, activities, journeys abroad all at one time,

I make so many excuses about why I’m too busy and how money is never enough,
forgetting that God has always made a way every time things got tough,

knowing he wants more for me then this space I regularly consume,
knowing more experiences can lead this girl to bloom,

into the woman I was always meant to be,
to the woman that I anxiously wait to see.

-TaHara’ Jackson

My advice for today is to venture out of your comfort zone. Especially if you are a home body like me. Try new things, go new places, and begin to make sure your needs are met as well because even as a parent or anyone focused on things outside of self it can become difficult to take care of everyone and everything else if you forget to take care of yourself as well.

Now don’t worry it’s okay to start small and definitely consider your current availability and responsibilities because life doesn’t have an “ON” and “OFF” button. Just remind yourself not to use the current lack of availability as an excuse for a lack of consideration for self care. So I would suggest switching your schedule up a bit where possible to make some time for you. I started off by writing again, a hobby and craft that was helpful to me in the past. Next, I tried a new restaurant recently and with it, new food. Then this past weekend I found myself relaxing at a spa for a massage and foot scrub. What’s next for me? What’s first for you?
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