Note to Self…


Dear Me,

I hope this finds you well. One day your CONFIDENCE will soar. You will find joy that wasn’t there before. You will truly understand your worth. You will see your essence on this earth. Your eyes will be opened and you will see truth. You will feel your beauty grow from your roots. You will find strength to overcome despite being scared. You will realize your self made fears.

No longer will you hold yourself back. No longer will you doubt all the facts. No longer will you cry in uncertainty. No longer will you move unless its to your own beat. No longer will you hide in the depths of your soul. No longer will the world keep what it stole. No longer will you hide. No longer will you abide. No longer will you cease to move forward. You will stop looking backward and make your way to who you are meant to be. Good luck future me!

These are the hopeful thoughts that passed through my mind as I started on the road to self discovery. These thoughts were crucial in ensuring that I did not remain stagnant in the unpredictable, unexpected, obstacles that life through my way. While I continued on my path I had to frequently remind myself of many of these hopeful thoughts of what it would take to become the woman I was truly meant to be and as I walked and as I thought, I discovered that I am CONSTANT in my existence and I am FREE in my ability to determine the next step that I want to take.

So take a moment and determine if you have taken CONTROL of your LIFE and if so are you ready to take your next BIG STEP?



Photographer: Ron Brewer

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