Goal Oriented

I believe that one of the key aspects of life is finding a way to avoid being in a state of stagnation (to cease development or become inactive). I believe this is extremely different then being content. When one becomes stagnant I believe it can be dreary and lead to undesirable moods. You may find yourself feeling down or hopeless. You may find that you lack energy and desire to make the changes necessary to move forward. This is not a place I want to be. So the question is how can this state of being be avoided. There are some simple things to consider:



1. Set Goals

This is important because it keeps you consciously aware of what you are working for. It becomes a source of motivation and gives you a sense of direction to your STEPS. This also allows you to step with a sense of purpose. If you are walking with no sense of direction you don’t know where you will end up. This would decrease the amount of enthusiasm found in making an effort to keep moving forward. So to avoid this just take a moment. Think of likes and dislikes. Things you always wanted to accomplish but felt you never had the time to. Determine what makes you happy. Then use the answers to these as a guide for your GOAL SETTING. A good start is creating at least 3 goals that fall into various areas of your life. For example, goal one may pertain to education or work, goal two may pertain family, and goal three may pertain to healthy living. These are just examples but looking into different areas of your life that may need improvement can help create BALANCE

2. What’s your plan?

After you have determined a few goals you would like to accomplish big or small it is important to figure out how you will accomplish them. You can decide a time frame for completing your goal. It would also be helpful to consider what time you have during your day, your week, or your month to engage in the completion of your goal. Lastly, it is important to right it down or save a note to your phone or computer. This will be great when you feel yourself becoming inactive because you can refer back to your goals and the timeline you have created as a motivational tool.

3. Reminders are Important!

After completing these two tasks it will be crucial to give yourself frequent reminders. If there are certain days of the week that you have set aside for completing your goals then use your planner or your smart phone to create reminders and set alarms so that you can stay on top of it. 

*FYI there are a wide variety of apps for notes and planners available…


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