and then came, YOU

Hopeless dreams held hopeless nights, no difference between the two. No more dreams of happiness amidst this since scratched tune. I find myself in the weary hallways of my mind. Tip-toeing around the thought of life leaving me behind. The discouraged acts of my movements seen by all surrounding me in every realm. Effortlessly becoming zombie-like an inadequate functioning of self. This utter disregard for the purpose behind my creation. This limited wonder into my next destination. Depression held inside out is what led me here, what led me to you. Coddled up amongst the loss of what to do. You which were always there midst my imperfection. You which were always here behind the luminosity. That which I was blinded to until you awoke within me the magnificent being which is your soul. That gave me the strength to stand up against all that stood in my way, all the obstacles I seemed to face. It was you that provided purpose that reminded me that imperfection did not mean I was misplaced. It was you that allowed everything to fall into place with a destiny presented in disbelief to all who caught a glimpse of what was in store for me. Now that I’ve found you, I’ve finally found me. Eternally connect Internal, External me…

-TaHara’ Jackson

The journey to self discovery can be difficult but I believe that it all falls in the hands of acceptance. So accept who you are to gain who you have the ability to become.

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